Circus Wing Sauce
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Circus Wing Sauce
Now you can have the same great Circus wings at your place! This is literally THE best wing sauce on earth. Using this sauce the Circus Sports Bar in Aberdeen, SD sells over 17 tons of wings a year! Yes, tons. If you've tried the sauce you know how great it is. If you haven't you simply MUST try it! Our recipe is super flavorful without overwhelming spice. Available in 3 levels of heat for anyone's taste. It's great on everything from burgers to eggs to of course, wings! Free shipping on orders over $50. What are you waiting for? Get the sauce on it's way now!

Circus Hot Wing Sauce is the best wing sauce on the planet. Do you like hot wings? Tired of the same old hot sauce the chains serve? Well treat yourself to the best hot wing sauce recipe we've ever tasted shipped directly to your door. No need to make your wing sauce from scratch......once you taste ours you'll never eat the other guys chicken wings again. Our buffalo wing style sauce is available in 3 levels of heat to serve anyone's taste. It's not the hottest wing sauce on earth but it is definitely some of the tastiest! Try it for yourself and you'll agree. Order Circus Wing Sauce now!
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